7 guidelines to succeed in the game of Social Media Marketing

The Game is on - no I'm not discussing the most recent scene of Game of Thrones. I'm looking at something that is more practical and nearer to the life of every expert. I'm discussing the diversion called Social Media Marketing!

It is a game, after all we need to constantly remain on top of things in order to be successful at social media marketing, no matter we are doing for our personal profile building or business purpose. As simple and easy as it might look from the outside, social media marketing is lot more than just creating a well-crafted post, posting it to your profile, and then waiting for likes, shares and recommendations to pour in.

1. Invest time, a lot of it

There’s no shortcut to success - no matter which field you talk about. And, social media marketing is no different. If you thought that there was some magic potion which you can drink and become the master of social media marketing, you were completely wrong.
 The key to success in this field lies on devoting ample amount of time. You need to invest time to understand how to make the most of social media for your endeavor i.e. personal branding or business marketing because social media works differently for different purposes.
 Pro Tip: Begin by finding the top 5 most popular profiles in your niche, study what they are doing and how they are doing it.

 2. Automation power

Technology brings power, if used in the right manner. The same goes in the field of social media marketing as well. There are plenty of automation tools and applications available out there that can help you automate your posts and sharing on social media.
 While the hard work in creating unique, engaging and eye-capturing content is going to be all yours, you can save yourself from the hassle of posting and spreading it by making use of the right technology. The time you will save you can use it to learn more about the technology, engage with your followers/customers and other important stuff.
 Pro Tip: Rather than going for paid tools and apps in one go, try out some free options first.

 3. Don’t try to be OMNIPRESENT

A BIG mistake that everyone makes with respect to social media marketing is that they try to capture all the platforms at once. They try to be omnipresent. While doing this, however, they forget that every platform is different.
 Twitter is different from Facebook. Facebook is different from Instagram. The strategy which worked for one might not work for the other platform. In order to make your social media marketing efforts a HIT, try to focus on one, two or maximum three platforms at a time. Identify the ones with maximum potential for your business and put your best efforts on them rather than focusing on too many and getting nothing in return.
 Pro Tip: Start with two platforms first, and once you get a good hold of them only then move on to more platforms.

 4. Build community

Like the name itself says - Social Media. It’s all about making connections, interacting with people and getting to know their views and thoughts in the process. Just like it happens in a social community.
 It won’t be wrong to say that the real power of social media resides in the one thing that humans have been doing since our inception i.e. building a community. Only this time, we are doing it online. To make the most of social media marketing endeavors, you must try and build a community of like minded people, curate people who are related to your field, get to know what they are talking and become an active contributor in the conversations.
 Pro Tip: Be active on social and try to engage in conversation. Never leave an opportunity online to get noticed and share your knowledge and expertise.

5. Ask questions, give answers

This point comes as an extension of the point mentioned above. As someone who is looking to build a community you must follow the basic human pattern i.e. ask questions give answers.
 Asking questions is the best way to engage people on social media, because it makes them feel valued. As someone who is starting with social media marketing, you need to get people to share their thoughts and ideas. Things like Twitter Chat, Quora Sessions - all these are great places to begin with.
 Pro Tip: Start by participating in activities like Twitter Chats, and once you have a loyal following or once people start to recognize you, host one of your own sessions.

6. Current events and influencers

The one SUPERPOWER of social media is that things spread faster than wildfire on social media. Latest happenings, current events, and more - they reach the world over within a matter of seconds.
 In order to become successful in social media marketing you must know how to leverage this speed. Try to stay on top of the current trends, business events and other causes which might be related your business or industry that you are a part of. Also, try to get the eyes of influencers in the industry on you by regularly mentioning them, tagging them in your post, sharing their content and becoming actively following them on social media.
 Pro Tip: Stay on top of things and share your opinions about what’s happening and around your industry. Let people know what you think.

 7. Go visual

Last, but not the least, thing to remember here is to focus not just on writing good content for the social media but also paying heed to the visual aspect of it. This includes things like videos, banners, infographics, posters and images that are eye catching and enhance the visual appeal of your social media posts.
 In fact, statistics show that social media posts with images produced a whooping 650% more engagement rate than posts without images. To make the most of social media marketing, you need to use an amalgamation of visual as well as written content. Research online to see which content is making the news and how you can maximize the ROI from your social media efforts by incorporating visual elements in your efforts.
 Pro Tip: it takes only 50 milliseconds for something to create an impression on people online - make sure your content leaves an impact in this time.






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